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Weebos Refugee Camp
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Weebos Refugee Camp

(Konosuba themed server)

18+ We're a rapidly growing group of degenerates who happen to watch anime and play games. While it isn't the focus of the server, we do have a fairly large NSFW section!
Don't join if you're offended easily.

-Level 2 Boosted Server
-Active community
-Large 18+ NSFW section
-Laid back rules and staff
-Weekly anime nights
-Accepting of whatever degenerate shit you're into

18+ community with NSFW channels, ranking bots, weekly events
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
genericusername1231 genericusername1231
Very gay server and gay owner
Has stated multiple times that he was gay. Many gay channels on this server, such as trap porn (ew) and furry porn (ew). Would not let my kids anywhere near it.
196 days ago
Heliosaurus Heliosaurus
GNAA Certified™
This server is hereby deemed safe for use and Certified™ by the GNAA. We at GNAA would like to congratulate you for being exceptional quality, worthy of being among the ranks of GNAA Certified™ Discord servers. It is a great honor to be able to serve fellow gaymers with the mark of the GNAA, and hope you continue to do so. As always, TriHard 7.
388 days ago
WhiteFlash WhiteFlash
Goddamn i hate minorities and women
This server is full of gay edgelords. They are uncultured swine that prefer flat earth-chans to big tiddy onee-suns. "Okay I'll admit I fucking love traps. I fucking love traps, dog. They suck all the damn dicks. I fucking love traps. Suck em, kiss traps, breed traps. Just... fuck traps" thats a copy pasta from an admin to show you that this server is so gay the trap channel could probably send you to the shadow realm. And yes you heard me we have a trap channel along with a monster girl channel. Weird shit is allowed in the correct channels, if you want to fuck a goat more than an islamic welsh incel no one really cares just be prepared to take jokes. We are pretty accepting as long as your chill and can take the edgy humor
443 days ago
1 4
Nyan Nyan
Degenerate server Yikes
When I left the server the owner begged me to come back. After i joined again he was nice to me at first but then he turned into a dickhead, took away my roles and blocked me. Also these people (not all) will talk shit about your favorite anime and make fun of you for no reason. avoid at all cost
467 days ago