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Welcome to **IИVICTUS : A BNHA ROLEPLAY—** based off the manga and set in an alternate universe, out of the water out of this world and baby, we're almost falling back in again. The school year is in full swing and crime levels are reaching an all-time high, stretching out towards the stars ( maybe to drown them, maybe to drop anchor into the black ). Radio's humming summer-like and everyone's saying it's safe, darling, you're safe, but they've flung the door open to ravenous wolves and now it's all up to you. Will you burn underneath the heroes' spotlight? will you turn your back against the sun as a villain? or will you rise as something entirely undefined?

🌟 with a rebooted plot and a cast of heroes, villains, and everyone in-between
🌟 take a chance to roll canon quirks to make your own! who knows what you'll get?
🌟 explore tokyo city with our wide range of channels and delve into community-created arcs
🌟 upcoming events (with cute villains) and more!
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