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Aesthetic Space
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Aesthetic Space

In this server you can make friends, climb the leaderboard to earn special roles, send some memes, and even battle with eachother with box bot :D
Just a few of our channels.
#chatter- Where we have our best conversations about either about our day to day life or the easter bunny being a daddy, or our deepest going into what we think dreams signify.

#positive shit and #negative shit: the places to either be a wholesome bean or an angery boi. Or just to rant about shit going on in your life, we are here to listen.

#memes: what server would we be if this wasnt a thing :smug:

#pretty stuff: where to spam with your most aesthetic and kawaii of pictures

#war: where we fight our battles of course.

#lewd pics: Self explanatory

This server also has a wide range of emojis to choose from! going from meme to pure kawaii.
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