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-Camp Half-Blood-
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-Camp Half-Blood-

A fun, optional plot-based role play server in the Percy Jackson universe (books) with skilled, talented writers.

WARNING: ACCEPTANCE IS NOT GUARANTEED. We are running this server for *fun.* While we try to be inclusive, the moderators will not accept an application that obviously had no effort, build, or balance. Who we accept is at our own discretion.

The server takes place after The Last Olympian, in an AU where the events and characters of HoO did not happen (but some elements may remain).

Features quests, prophecies, and unique overarching plotlines that anyone can participate in. Includes group events and games. An all OC cast, choose your own godly parent (within reason), and explore all the locations in Camp Half-Blood - and even a few outside!

Unclaimed roles (writers with no approved characters yet) are kept in a separate chat from Campers. Once accepted, all chats will be open to you!

Everyone here is open and friendly, this server tolerates no bullying of any kind, and has a very helpful and interactive Mod team.
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lets blow up the chantry lets blow up the chantry
interesting characters
what I like so far is the very interesting ocs they already have on the server. The plot and backstory is also nice. Everything is well-described, there's a lot of "back-matter" that really adds to the setting that I don't find in other CHB servers.

However, the mods are very particular, the server feels "exclusive"? They really do look for good writers, and good attitudes. Not everyone can get in. But those who do, I think, really get a lot out of it. The mods do their best to give everyone in the rp their time to shine.
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Kazimir Kazimir
Dont Bother
so to clear up my name and lack of a PFP, I made an entire other account to review this place. I did this for the reason I will state below.

I joined this server on February 8th with my actual Discord account and began making a character with the help of one of the Mods, Solar Surfer, to make sure the character fits within the lore of their server and within the overarching lore of Camp Half Blood as it was a long time since i read it. i posted my character and amended any parts of it they needed me to as well as made sure to read their rules both in rp and out of rp.

the people were nice and the mods were certainly helpful in character creation. however, within a couple hours of having my characters approved and talking with another player in OOC in the correct channel for such conversation, I was kicked and banned from the server with no warning for what rule I broke, any warnings, or previous disciplinary actions from the 2 days I was at the Server. I tried to friend request the two mods I had talked to previously to at least get a reason and possibly appeal, however, both ignored it. so that would be why I am now writing this review.

from my experience all i can say is simply dont bother with this Camp Half Blood RP server, there are plenty others on Disboard, one of them has to have better staff than this.

if you have any questions about this Review or if a staff actually wants to explain it. my actual Discord is Yugure#6078
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The Solar Surfer The Solar Surfer
old server given new life
the server died sometime back, but its come back with a new outlook and writers excited about what we can do here. I enjoy the range of possibility for characters and interactions, its not too crowded or cramped with content.
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zappy zappy
lots of fun, creative writers, well-balanced characters, and unique/interactive NPCs
I enjoy this server largely for its really nice and friendly users, its kind of like a family once you're here long enough. I really like the list of unique NPCs (non-player characters, side characters the mods play) that the players can interact with and have their own stories with. I don't think I've seen that in a lot of other places.

There's still plenty of open spots in all the cabins, roles don't fill up too fast. Mods can cater to help you develop your individual character arcs. Mods are careful to create a healthy, balanced environment between characters, so no one is too OP and everyone can have fun.

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