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Common Ground
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Common Ground

Common Ground, providing a friendly community for over a year

-Active Community
-Weekly Riddles
-Seasonal Economy Competition
-Art & Story Channels
-Mental Health Channel
-Always Looking For Staff
-$20 Prize For Current Competition
-We are actively looking for growing servers to partner with.

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Dempsey! Dempsey!
great server

Tight-knit group, but always willing to accept new people. I've been here for 8-ish months and I can tell you it's definitely changed my life for the better. There's no theme to this server, but there are a few gamers here. Rules are fairly chill, although quickchat is discouraged, and sexual content is not allowed at all.

Would definitely recommend at least joining to see how it is, we'd love new members, and the server is usually fairly active.

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