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The Wine Cellar
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The Wine Cellar

18+ server, people from numerous countries, be a friend. we play pretty much everything.

lots of giveaways and activity since we're all stuck in for corona. lgbtqia+ friendly. history memes.

Roles for:
Overwatch, OSU, Mount and Blade, Stardew Valley, ESO, WoW, Terraria, Valorant, Party Games, TFT, Tarkov, COD, Apex, Fortnite, Rust, CSGO, Minecraft so you can find people to play with. If you want a game role added, let me know.
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Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews
dikheadlarry dikheadlarry
good server :)
This world-wide server is so good it made me stay up 40 hrs to talk to people :). Seriously, I can't stop.
137 days ago
Diggez Diggez
I'm kinda into it?
I don't really get it, but people are real nice. The owner is a great guy (and he got great looks). It's where i choose to spend my time because we're always laughing and having a great time. The people are some of the best people i've ever met, and i hope that i can keep spending time with them. And the staff's pretty alright too..
142 days ago
Strider Strider
Serbs never lie and to be honest, the best community I've been apart of. Everyone's so nice and friendly, the staff is amazing. Just a great discord in general!
142 days ago
4 1
Meanie Mouse Meanie Mouse
Communicative and wholesome community 🌸
Great staff, very responsive.❤️ Great members, gathered from many different countries all around the world. Honestly, a really amazing place to be. Btw, very cool emotes too. 💕
142 days ago