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The Diner
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The Diner

❤️We are a band of brothers and sisters from all around the world
❤️We offer a safe haven for friendship, humor and general gaming
❤️We have a very friendly staff (Just call us the mom squad)
❤️ There will be a short application process before access to the server
❤️ A key note is that we are 15+ up to a maximum age of 25, but we welcome anyone that's willing to put effort into a friendly conversation within a caring community
❤️ When and if we let you into our server we will welcome you in as if you were our own
❤️ Full disclosure there isn't any nsfw content on this server as the owner really does not care for it

We don't offer nitro giveaways, perks, or anything of the such but we do offer warmth and friendship.

Come and celebrate with us!
NotOnlyMagicMan Bumped 8 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

50 reviews
Naho Naho
For having known others server on several plateforms, this server is one of the most pleasant I have joint :)
People and the Moms are so nice and sometimes even a little weird, that's really funny !
36 days ago
Hope Hope
Warm and loving environment
I just love everything about this server, it's full of kind, genuine, supportive and friendly people. I consider this as some sort of escape because whenever I'm here I just feel comfortable, free and safe.
38 days ago
1 1
peachi peachi
Open and loving
I've been here for a few months already and im the type of person who doesnt chat that much and everytime i come back they still all remember me and its the sweetest thing ever to feel loved
50 days ago
1 1
あめ あめ
The uses in the server are very friendly and so kind. Please join to make friends and have nice conversations
51 days ago