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Weathersville - a peaceful town in northern Ohio is put up to a survival in the harsh times of famine, disease outbreaks, economic crisis along with war and racial tensions. Inside conflict between human and anthro races weaken not just the town but communities worldwide. The upcoming days bring hope of better tomorrow but at the same time, a dark cloud of destruction and death. Whatever is coming has not yet been unveiled leaving people worried for their lives.

Meanwhile, deep under Weathersville is a secret hidden for decades. Certernue Industries and Research Facilities holds thousands innocent lives prisoner as test subjects. Every day there are rapes, suicides, and life threatening experiments. Every day the future is unknown. When things start to seem hopeless, a group of prisoners begin planning their escape, determined to be the first ones to ever escape CIRF alive. Will you join the escape? Or will you help from the surface? The choice is up to you.

No Powers, Furries welcome.
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