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Camp Half-Blood is a laid back roleplay server centered around, well, Camp Half-Blood.

1000+ Members


Join camp and meet people from your own cabin and participate in quests!
We welcome campers, satyrs, and nymphs to Camp Half-Blood.


1) An active community
2) Quests to keep campers on their toes
3) A new plotline every day
4) Over 90 channels to rp in
5) Over 400 new people to meet!
6) An active and welcoming staff team
7) Clubs you can create!
8) Stores ran by Senior Campers
9) Mee6 Leveling System
10) Currency System
11) Heph Phones

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Ratings & Reviews

29 reviews
GetMeADoctor GetMeADoctor
Honest view from a person that has not agenda
The server has one of the best administrative systems I have ever seen. Staff apply and then if selected have to earn their promotions which means the staff with the true power and are most of the time (there are always exveptions) fair, just and know the rules.
The plot is constantly being worked on with a different sub plot that occurs every season. These plots are well planned and engaging for all members new or old while remaining diverse. This means there is always something to do in the server. The daily updates also help with this on occasion as sometimes from this small mini events will happen per day or the weather will change or just some small detail that helps create the world you rp in streamlined.
The servers balancing is phenomenal. All magical weapons go through a team of people who balance them and alterations are often made on new abilities (or old) that are easily exploited or OP which keeps the combat rp interesting and dynamic instead of everyone using the same technique.
The owners are active and looking always on improvement.

Why not a 5 *?
The server does have its issues.
The first issue is the one that alot of people have blown out of proportion and that's the staff can appear rude or blunt at times but this is understandable and almost whimsical when you consider that when they come across blunt its likely because they are busy with keeping the server fun as well as dealing with you. The other point with this is that if you find staff being rude to you its likely because tour the 100th person doing the same thing wrong. A point id like to point out is I noticed a review on here that mentioned ERP in dms on the server 'even though there are rules against it'. As long as the erp isn't on the server then its not the servers problem and isn't subject to the servers rules and there is no rule against dm erp as that would be preposterous (and impossible to actually moderate) so this person should have read the rules more clearly an maybe they woulnt have run into problems with the mod team.
The server does have a good portion of 'bad rp'ers' if you count people using one liners as bad rp (I disagree one liners can be a good way to create pace and maintain it) but noone has ever been perfect and the server hasn't got a road block asking that your an experienced role player because again that would be stupid. So you get people that have just started rp. I know personally this was my 2nd rp server and I wasn't good at written rp. Heck im till not great but its easy to improve your rp from this server due to the friendly older members of the server who are often happy to set a precedent.
The only other problem is character approval can take a long while due to infrequent checks by staff but this an issue that's being addressed and so I can't moan.
Anyway thats my review done. I hope you've enjoyed my honest un-biased accounts of one great server.
TheHolidayRP55 TheHolidayRP55
My Review
Before I begin, I like to state the Following: I AM a Owner of this server, so I may have some bias. With that, I shall start by replying to some of the reviews. One of the many complaints I have seen is the fact of the staff number is to powerful or not enough staff. With a server the size of ours, which currently sits over 1000+ members, there will never be enough staff. Even if we had 10 staff members for about 15 or so people, it would still not be enough. As a result of that we could never have enough staff members,so we have to give our current staff a bit more power then other servers may allow. Another issue I've seen is the other server owner. I understand many people have issues with the other owner, which is fine. I don't always agree either, but sometimes, it is for the better. I have also seen issue with how abilities are balanced. This is a Fantasy RP server. Is anything ability related ever balanced? No. We try to fix it, if it becomes a major issue. I have also seen complaints about Godmodders and One-Liners. We try to be open to everyone that joins, so we allow one liners. I started that way, and on occasion, I still do. Godmodders can be reported, and proper action can be taken. I have seen a complaint about Toxicity from the community. From what I have seen, this is false. Some people are toxic, but that is to be expected. No server can prevent that.
I give a 4/5. I do not give it a perfect rating as it has issues, like others have stated. But in general, if your looking for a good RP with a semi-active rpers, this is a good start. We provide everything to help you start, if you are new. and please feel free to ask someone to help you.
Helga Helga
Terrible server, don't reccomend
So, I am a pretty active member of this server and will remain to be. Truth be told, this server is utter garbage and you really should not join it. The admins and mods are few in number and aren't very good at their jobs, the server isn't exactly lore friendly, but that isn't a huge deal. However if you are a fan of pre teens running around and acting like they are important, then this is the server for you! Trudge through endless words of self pity and crying. See many people engage in sexual activities in dms even though the server has rules against it, even the mods do it. They don't listen to reason, they rely on the "crowd mentality" tactic. If you say something controversial or even slightly rude then you will be ganged up on endlessly. Hell I've seen some kid constantly bullies by the other members of the server and I feel bad for him. This server could be easily fixed if they just had good moderators instead of self centered assholes. Writing this review is rather risky due to the fact that they don't take kindly to any criticism at all, so I will likely be banned for writing this and then they will blame it on something else like calling a mod out for a mistake and then ban me for "staff disrespect". The server is the most active though and possibly the largest, but most of that are alts due to the "one character per account" limit. Though I don't know if activity is enough to justify shitty moderators. EDIT: I called it, they banned me for this review. They will probably say some bullshit otherwise and say it wasn't due to the review, but it definitely was. Their Head Mod is also 14, so that'll give you some perspective on how good this server is.
The MVP/Rebecca rabies. The MVP/Rebecca rabies.
Literally half of these reviews were made by staff/owner, they bribed everyone.
Given how bad their server actually is, they've gone to bribing others with IRP money to make good reviews. Like, dude.