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Life Among the Volcanoes About

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The origional person to fall into a volcano, Yellowstone, was Obsidian, followed closely by her husband Pyro who fell in directly after her. As they fell into the volcano they were granted the ability to shapeshift within the volcano, but when they left the surface pool they were stuck to whatever form they were in before reaching the magma again. As more people fell into the first volcanoes Obsidian or Pyro would save them, bringing them into a sancturary where they would find life after their inevitable death. Soon people caught on that there were odd beasts, the shapeshifters saved, that would appear in the world. They started hunting the shifters, Magmites, as they would call them, saving them for study or for labor as they found, when killed, the shifter would turn back into a human. The human's technology is still advancing, far off from what we have now, but their traps and cages are a force to be reconed with. Capable of holding almost any form no matter of size or shape.
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