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Pokemon RP: The Awakening
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Pokemon RP: The Awakening

Hey you.

Yea you. I’m talking to you.

Do you like Pokémon?

How about *Pokémon* but with a dark and mature plot line? 👀👀

Sprinkle in some nice thick lore and a full storyline, and you got yourself one heck of a good time.

Jokes aside, though, we are in need of new members. We are slowly building ourselves back up after a small hiatus and we are now ready to roll.

We are a small but growing role play server with an overarching plot centered in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon archetype with a fresh new gruesome taste.
Expect death, drama, mysteries, and despair as we slowly delve into the secrets of the region of Rajin.

Our little community is formed by friendly, experienced role-players who thrive to create memorable and creative stories. With multiple OOC channels for those who wish to mingle among the other members and many more role-play channels, you’ll never find yourself without things to do. For those who prefer role playing with a set end-goal we have what we call **Chapters**, **Side plots**, and many more special events that explore the lore of this region and slowly lead into an overarching story whose direction is heavily influenced by character interactions.

We are always happy to hear suggestions and improve your experience in the server as well as we constantly seek to grow! We absolutely love letting others get involved with the server and rp.

So what do you say?

We’d love to have you join us!

~Recap of a few things our server offers~

⚜️| Pokémon only based! No trainers!
⚜️| A full overarching storyline
⚜️| Subversive Lore
⚜️| A helpful and friendly team of mods
⚜️| A working economy system so characters can buy and sell goods.
⚜️| Active chatting and rp rooms
⚜️| All roleplayers are welcome, semi-lit is preferred.
⚜️| We have a music bot and more to play with!
⚜️| A summary of the current storyline to get you up to date
⚜️| We are making a comic based on the rp!
⚜️| Always open for improvements and growth
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