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Eclipse | Merry Christmas!
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Eclipse | Merry Christmas!

We are Eclipse founded on April 4, 2018 By IInertia and Not_Envy.We mainly care about socializing we many different people. If you are the same then join us.On our fun adventure learning about many people and making great memories.We promise we won't let you down.

We are a new Community server that encourages everyone to join! From shy people to mean people we invite all!

Hello, and welcome to Eclipse. Have it be you "accidentally" stumbled upon here, sent by a friend or a mere intruder. Nonetheless welcome, besides the intruder part FUCK YOU! (Joke, Joke) Now, for the others please read the following:
- Don't let toxicity flood within this discord server, just don't.
This is an issue, and will soon evolve into a full-blown argument. Don't be toxic, that'll do everyone a favor!
- Racism is allowed, but do NOT go overboard.
Yes I know, we do stupid jokes at each other with racism yes? Well, there's a limit to what a joke can be, and will soon be overboard. So please keep it to a minimum!
Everyone hates it. You hate it, I hate it, your mother and father hate it. It's honestly annoying and idiotic as well as a waste of our time.
Don't rage over such simplistic things
A new addition to the rules, and has caused beef within this community, it's part of the toxicity rule but I'll leave it here just in case!

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