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Hello, welcome to Load Screen! We are a community driven by a passion for games.
Our focus on games doesn't stop us from also discussing things like Anime, TV-shows, books, technology, and much more!

We also have:
- Mafia Games, vanilla and custom setups alike
- Specific channels for franchises like Pokemon, Super Smash Bros, and new game releases
- Questions of the Day, every day to share a bit about ourselves and make new friends with common interests!
- Music-Based Events (such as a leaderboard and music sharing)!
- Party Games and more!

Whether you're a Pokemon fan, a weeb, a PC Gamer or simply someone looking for company we're sure you'll love it here, and we will love meeting you!
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Ratings & Reviews

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DeathStroke DeathStroke
Cool and stuff.
I need to get this to 80 characters.
Most people in the server are really nice and down to earth, except Canas, there's something off about him, other than that, 5/5
7 hours ago
3 1
Spaget🌸 Spaget🌸
My favorite server
I’ve been in this server for almost a year now, and I honestly can’t imagine going anywhere else. The staff is chill and speedy when it comes to solving issues, conversations and users are diverse, they have games and are always looking to improve, etc. I’ve made amazing friends here and I think everyone should give it a chance~
390 days ago
4 1
ass ass
Dope people
:okcorno: Ok fr tho great server great people join in I can promise you'll at the very least be entertained
417 days ago
4 1
Lonk Lonk
10/10 would come again. The people are awesome and the channels are great. Just beware the Splatoon obsession (and Sunset).
418 days ago