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Calliopean Club is Discord's largest intellectual society dedicated to self improvement, quality discourse and civil debate. We host regular seminars, debate nights, chess tournaments and more. Join our international community and meet people from around the world who share your thirst for knowledge!
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simply MOST wondrous
Alas I may not be that active on the server due to my job BUT from the times I have been lurking it really does pull off what it promises. I really wish I had more time to be on
1 day ago
Vicher, I think? Vicher, I think?
Calliopean Club Review
I joined the club originally because I wanted to see what it is like to be in a Discord server, on top of steering away the boredom, but personally, I can never find a server that is as open, cheerful, and kind whenever and wherever. They always made sure that every member is heard, and the server is comparably and relatively better than most servers I have been: the organization, the specialization, the interests, and the idea of making more subclubs to foster learning and provide a platform to share thoughts and ideas is a league of its own. I have said it once, and I will say it again: this server has been the best thing during this difficult time. :)
17 days ago
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Inquisitor Inquisitor
Too Many Atheists
The server is heavily populated with degenerate atheists. It's really nothing but an atheist circle-jerk. Even the "Christians" on the server are all homo/abortion affirming leftists. It can be difficult to find good conversation happening that doesn't heavily lean to one side. There also seem to be a lot of little kids with the most absurd, niche political ideologies that they think are uber cool, but are really just retarded. So basically, a typical atheist server.
26 days ago
Gooseman Gooseman
Best server out there!
One of the best server ive ever been one! I use to go on other servers before but now this one is enough!
28 days ago