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Calliopean Club is Discord's largest intellectual society dedicated to self improvement, quality discourse and civil debate. We host regular seminars, debate nights, chess tournaments and more. Join our international community and meet people from around the world who share your thirst for knowledge!
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angelinblackink angelinblackink
This place is pretty good. I joined many politics/philosophy/discussion servers a while back and this is one of the few I kept. For a reason. It's not as likely to break down into childish shit-flinging and I've both met and enjoyed several people and countless discussions on various topics. It's not as free speech as I tend to like but it's not bad.
primarina primarina
A Tolerable Debate Society
Though rather above average, this isn't an exception to the general disorder & inaccessibility of discord discussion/debate societies. It does deviate from the norm significantly, but I don't think it's particularly superior.

The roles are unnecessarily esoteric. (This is standard)
Small number of channels/libraries makes browsing past convos absurdly hard. (This is standard)
Excessive barrier to entry: You need to file an application to join the server, which seems like an unfair hassle.

The server has a lower incidence of nazi trolls and queer-phobia.
The server has a higher % people with education in philosophy.
The server has more voice channels separated by topic than usual.
The White Flash The White Flash
Great relaxed server
Great place for intellectual discussion fair moderators and friendly to all many different opinions but a lot of respect and harmony if you have a big brain come on over and test your night
comfy comfy
A great place!
This server has a really friendly attitude. Welcoming of new faces and plenty of people to talk to about various topics like politics, philosophy and more!