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We are a roleplay server that accepts everyone into rp, as we try and give you the best experience, we have

-personal roles
-easy to use never seen before character system
-nice staff
-coloured roles
-tons of Roleplay Channels
-rules to protect you
-an owner that wouldn't mind chatting with new members
-economy system
-and many many more!
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Alim But Better Alim But Better
Great Server
It's a great server, nice staff, plenty to do, plenty of space to rp, begin enough to get to know a few people but not too large as to where it's overwhelming.
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Gloria Fortis Miles Gloria Fortis Miles
A review from an outsider's perspective
How to start this, ZARP isn't the server you would expect it to be. It has many channels, categories, bots, members. But like every server it has it's downsides. To get up to speed here's a few things you need to know before you even think about joining this server! The server owner (mostly known as Guppy or AttaGuppy) is friendly in your face or tries to be anyway, but talks shit behind your back. ZARP has a separate server for staff thus no one can check on whatever he says there. When he is nice to you in Dm, the main server you should never try to even say something to his disliking. If you're staff, you lose staff, if you're a member you risk getting banned. Since he can't take criticism even if it's the truth. No matter how careful you try to say it, if it's criticism you're out. And oh oh, whenever i post this review and he sees it, without proper explaining i'll be banned cause well. This is a review and he can't take criticism. Now whenever you're staff and you once said something private or personal to him, whenever you're gone from staff he will throw the private stuff out in his staff server (just like he did to a Dev once after he got stripped of his rank and later on got banned from zarp). What this server owner's problem also is is that apart from not being able to handle criticism, he has a double personality disorder. All attention needs to go around him, he can turn from your best friend into your arch enemy in like 30 seconds. Now this was about the owner, time to move on.
Since they have a lot of members, channels and categories they try to bring up events which rarely happen to encourage rp a little or to just continue giving interests in the server. Their staff, are inactive as hell. If 6 are on only 1 will reply to you. Their Gm's (Game Masters) barely know how to Gm and have made so many mistakes that half the staff team doesn't even care about. And oh, if you're a high rank in zarp even one of the highest don't try to even correct Guppy a little about his staff because he's "always" right and otherwise you're out. The Dev i spoke about earlier was probably the most strict, active, know how to get shit done staff on that server. From some people he got respect of how he acted, by other people he was disliked but all in all he was one of the few everyone turned to with questions or if anything was wrong. A man people could count on, cold hearted, respectful (sometimes, disrespectful to those who did things wrong or went into his actions. But respectful if you needed help), strict. A man you could love if you had no grudge against him because he had to act against you. Well this person while being on duty as a Dev for 2.5 months was instantly removed from staff because he in the main server made a joke that Guppy's English accent was the worst, by that not ending his sentence by "the worst i Ever heard". (Yet before Guppy said the two were best friends. Then i say a friend can handle something like that) Not even being able to defend himself properly as the man was Playing GTA online and doing a heist, which i have proof of of two sides. Guppy stating The Dev ignored him in Dm yet his game activity stated what he was doing. which just proves the double personality disorder i diagnose him with. As you may or may not have noticed this was one person pointed as i found this to be a truth act and something others should know yet no one reviewed about. This was probably the most important you had to know but below this is more for you to read.
So the Dev team once called that way is now renamed to Co Owner and is now fully dependent of one owner and a co owner (what was 3 Devs before), there is a so called curse in ZARP which says that from 3 Devs always only 1 remains. The others either go inactive or rogue. One went inactive and as you know the other went "rogue" for speaking up to Guppy, etc.. The last one and now being co owner is a little power hungry, he isn't someone you can compete against in a friendly way. He wants to have everything and be first on everything, there's a stat bot for messages and vc (voice chat) which he basically cheated messages to get first place on messages which included spamming emojis and messages. He was never sanctioned for this even if the Banned Dev reported such action. Yet Guppy said he'd do something. Same goes for vc, being in it for days straight even at times when he's not on just to get that time. In ZARP you can also buy custom roles and guess what the now called co owner tried getting the most of those as well. Just shows what kind of person he is and what age he's centered around. There was also a third Dev which got inactive at the time and had a top rank as well. A ICE (In Case Of Emergency) that's for when the owner died or something so she took over. Well since she was inactive she didn't just lose HOGM (Head Of Gm), ICE but also every staff role. Which in my opinion if you hold such high ranks that you'd be demoted one rank lower till you could explain why you were inactive. Not in this server, stripped of everything like you joined the day before. May i note that this Dev became Dev together with the banned Dev. Thus both worked 2.5 months as one and top of that this one also left half her servers just to maintain ZARP. Some fine work if you ask me, all for nothing. The others in the current staff, especially the new ones are whiny kids, or just plain inactive for way too long. One being inactive half the time while the 3 were Devs from begin till end and still are. Only showing up once a week but all that's tolerated. The Gm's are barely active as well just as the moderators. Ignoring pings (mentions) all the time and thus when you submit a character you need to wait for hours, sometimes a day. And don't believe it when they said they were busy, all they did was sit on their ass or pretend to be offline when they're actively participating in a ooc (out of character) channel. That's your reality of the server and these are the most downsides of this server. I posted these first and the positives below as all new members who care, should be enlightened about the history of zarp and that this is the truth. As most staff conspire together just to give these 2 devs a bad look.

Now the positive things, there's a custom bot called Zarpy only known to be working with ZARP, custom commands including a system to create characters in Dm. Around 29 bots, 600+ members and half are inactive, all kinds of rp'ers, paragraphs, one liners, etc. Personal Character Homes, balanced weapon system. And That's about it. Now if you'll excuse me, i have a mushroom cloud to walk into

Aka facing the ban hammer.
I've been here six days. I take my time with a character. I have been pestered over and over for not making a character, and when I complained about it, the staff said, "wElL yOuVe BeEn hErE sIx DaYs yOu sHoUlD HaVe a ChArAcTEr!" The staff is rude and disrespectful. The server looks messy. There are only a couple channels, and nearly 100-200 people online.
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Dragun Dragun
Great apocalypse server
Zarp is what it sounds like: a zombie apocalypse server based in a continent the owner lives in. Some custom zombies, and a very cool way of fighting and finding loot. They allow people to become staff via applications. This server is one of the best, is not THE best. It is definitely worth your time. Come join Zarp. Come join the family.

- Dragun, Moderator and Game Master for Zarp.

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