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``The  Zombie Apocalypse has started¡!``

Survivors are scattered around Nelspruit, there are safehavens, survivor groups, scavangers, lonewolves, even zombies!!!

-Can you survive it?
-Can you live in war between factions?
-Can you keep a relationship?
-Can you drive a Truck?
-Can you manage a farm?
-If you can do all of those, surely you can click on the invite link😉

🤢We have Major zombies!🙇
👯Helpful and nice staff team!👮
🏘Allot of space for roleplaying!🏚
🤹Great and easy character system!🎭

🇿🇦This server takes place in South Africa, Nelspruit🇿🇦

👂 "I heard from a little birdy you can survive the apocalypse"👂
👀We'll se about that shall we?🤔
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Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews
Hooligan836 Hooligan836
Too Much People
it has 600 people, and when you try to rp, you get swamped with people, i cant type when 20 people are spamming....
The MVP/Rebecca rabies. The MVP/Rebecca rabies.
Bad Rps.
The roleplay is literal trash, like holy.
Don't even try here, fam.
Kodac Kodac
Zombie Apocalypse - RP
The server is well set up and has a good crow. I am enjoying my time spent. If you are looking for a RP buddy find me in game at Kodac/Lily here is the discord link:
JProg Gaming JProg Gaming
This server is great, a very good system for RPing, but a lot of the members aren't active most of the time. Overall, the server is great and I love it, but could do with some improving.