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- Hey Random People Of Disboard, a New Roleplaying Server has Appeared! This server was made to embrace the art of Roleplaying, and test its limits in storytelling. Regardless of the details, this is a place to have fun.

Welcome To The Oblivion.

A lonely island on a lonely planet in a lonely dimension. It doesn't matter the time period, timeline, universe, kids and adults alike keep ending up here without explanation. Usually its along the lines of "I woke up here please help me!". Before you go screaming know that we have been dealing with this issue for about 2000 years, we know how to handle kids lost from their home dimension... Ship them to the Academy and train them of course!

This year however is special, an event named "The Game" has once again begun, and victory yields a prize named the Ceil Relic. Only few have ever laid hands on this powerful item, and the mystery behind it grows. Perhaps with luck, or wit, you and your friends may win The Game and obtain this mystical artifact.

Tensions are however rising, and a new reign for the future of the Oblivion lurks in the shadows. Lies will always break open, childhood games must end, the age of anarchy is nearing. Enjoy the safety while it lasts...
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SamuraiBubble™ [JuicyJuice] SamuraiBubble™ [JuicyJuice]
Good, but...
Great fun with the community they've built, good lore that is more creative than most, but... negative attitudes seem to inhabit the server. Like it says on this review, "Be positive, constructive, and respectful 🤗," so I'll just give my criticism.

Spread positive comments and look for a good outlook to the server. If there are things you wanna change, aim to do it with positivity and hope, not negativity and a loss of faith. Look to the staff with your insecurities, and empower each other with your strengths.

Overall, 4/5
Lawl Lawl
Good but bad person
Would be 5 star cuz nice people and awesome idea and all of that but one guy some how got to "Level 2000" in pacman in under 5 minutes and that pissed me off so im giving this a 4 star
Axel Axel
Slight Changes?
The server now seems like... a rough draft. It is still a good looking server and seems well run. But I have a suggestion or two. Have the Koya bot moved to the #Welcome area, so the bot doesn't interrupt a conversation in #General. The only other suggestion I could give now is don't spread yourself thin Luck. Block off some role play areas while you're still getting moderators to help watch over areas and certain areas.
FforF-fort FforF-fort
pretty good
actually great. events are constant, and staff-player interraction is often. lots of channels, and an insane ammount of friendly people. its a join for sure!

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