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Minior's Metropolis

We are mostly EST+PST time zone based but the giveaways are worth staying for!

Welcome to Pokéthots, a server for all kinds of Pokémon lovers! We are mainly Pokémon based but that's not all we offer~ We sing and voice chat often, or just listen to music together. Many anime lovers here and all sorts of gamers. Here are a few reasons why you should join our friendly community today:

» Various fun Events
» Multiple interesting bots
» Unique wagering and gambling
» Voice chat and karaoke sessions
» Pokécord, Pokéverse and Anime bots
» Free legend rewards to active members

Come give us a try!
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Draconimus Draconimus
Great server
This is different from a normal server of this size, here, people treat you like family, because that’s is what is going on here, a family. It’s a great server with giveaways and events and a great community what more could you ask for?
239 days ago