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A new social server looking for new members. Each day videos ,pictures and other things are being added. we welcome everyone and we hope to build a big friendly community server where everyone can talk about many different things each day. currently the server has various chat channels and we are currently adding minigames and other things. hope you check this server out :)
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lovely small community server
I am actually one of the moderators of the Friendtalk server but I'm not the actual owner of the server. My friend called Dec wanted to set up a social server so he made this Friendtalk discord group and it is a very friendly server and so far drama free currently. Every person in the server are lovely to speak to and overall it is a server where you can talk about games and many different things. On the server there are some good channels based on cooking, aesthetics, animals, gaming, and music.

I have helped my friend with setting up the different discord channels, and Friendtalk is growing into a lovely little server so far. In the server me and others love welcoming new members, and being a moderator of the server its lovely to see the server growing slowly. The downside of the Friendtalk server is the lack of members and sometimes the lack of activity since the server is new. However very slowly the server is growing and its becoming more and more active each day.