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The Arena

"You've been invited to the Arena! Fight to your heart's desire, right here!"
any character, any genre, any power level, anytime! The Arena is an active and diverse roleplay with a multitude of different themed arenas to fight in as well as several freeform roleplay and bot channels to stave off boredom between matches. The Arena is always growing and improving! we're celebrating the 1 year anniversary of its creation!
-use as many characters as you want.
-scoring system keeps track of wins and losses, and can be used when deciding who you'd like to face next.
-relaxed atmosphere, chime in whenever you want.
-bounty system, target certain characters for a boost to your score.
-pokecord and Nadeko bot for fun.
-relaxed and open community.
-multiplayer raids!
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I own the place, so I think it's rad of course.