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Tide Changers
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Tide Changers

🐙Tide Changers🐙
Anyone is welcome and you meet new people and very friendly, helpful staff
✅__Server Owner:__ @CptBirdgirl#2444
✅ 100+ members and still growing
✅Friendly people👋
✅Positive, committed, helpful staff team🤝
✅Gaming VC 🎮
✅Pg and Non PG chats and VC’s🔊
✅Music 🎵
✅Fun Bots 🤖
✅Role Abilities
✅ __**The server can be dead sometimes**__
✅Positive, committed staff team.
✅Fan made discord server for a Minecraft Youtuber
✅If you are a troller/spammer/bot spammer and come into this server and troll you will be banned without hesitation!!!!! 
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CptBirdgirl CptBirdgirl
100% Recommended Amazing Server
I 100% recommend this server it is very cool and chill and everyone is helpful and nice.

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