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⌜🏖SL💬⌟-Social Land
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⌜🏖SL💬⌟-Social Land

social land

🌟a discord server with friendly members and with good moderation. in this discord server we offer multi-purpose things. we welcome gamers, artist music makers and even instrument players! we are a kid friendly environment as we are also a kind and loving community! we are also toxic-free!

✨everyone from all kinds are welcome!
heres what we offer!
⇨keep up with your levels
⇨off topic text channel ★partnered servers
⇨gaming text channels ⇨music voice channel
⇨public voice chat channels to make new friends
⇨role rewards if you’re most active
⇨movie nights on rabbit! 🍿🎥✨
⇨bots for entertainment and spam control!
⇨self assign roles for people to know about you!
⇨growing community discord server
🔥self promote your social media profiles and discord server once a day in self promote text channel
⇨art channel
🛡 raid and spam protection
🎉 random giveaways, allot more in the future! we are open for partnerships!

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Morgan Morgan
One of the Best Servers
To be honest, if you havent joined yet, i highly suggest you do. :)
1 1
Simplicity Simplicity
This is just a review to say this is an amazing server with amazing moderation, channels, people, and positivity.