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Social Land

A Discord Server with Friendly Members and Good Moderation! In Social Land, We offer many things,
We welcome gamers, artists, music makers and even Instrument players!
We are also a Kind and Loving Community! Toxic-Free, we hope to see you here! we are hiring partnership managers! dm Jay#5866

⇨ Everyone of all kinds are welcome!
⇨Leveled Roles to see your activity!
⇨ Tons of Partnerships!
⇨ Music, Voice, Selfies Art, Events and Gaming Channels!
⇨ Role Rewards If you’re active!
⇨ Movie Nights on!
⇨ Bots for Entertainment!
⇨ Self Assign Roles for us to know about you!
⇨ Rapidly Growing Community!
⇨ Share your social media profiles!
⇨ Raid and Spam Protection!
⇨ Giveaways, and More to offer If you join!
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Ratings & Reviews

2 reviews
Morgan Morgan
One of the Best Servers
To be honest, if you havent joined yet, i highly suggest you do. :)
1 1
Simplicity Simplicity
This is just a review to say this is an amazing server with amazing moderation, channels, people, and positivity.

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