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DC Comics

DC Comics is a safe and enjoyable place that's accepting of everyone regardless of whether you're a fan or not. We do not solely discuss the works of DC Comics, we also have channels designated for other franchises and publishers. And of course, there's a RP section for Role-Players.
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Not A Person™ Not A Person™
Honestly my favorite server
This is my favorite server. everyone in it is super nice and supportive and the mods are fair. The only real issues I have are the inactivity and the fact that the emo owner keeps calling me a simp :(.
138 days ago
5 3
Edge Edge
I broke into this server and got Beans
They even offered to heat them up for me but no fine like this. Best DC server out there very active
215 days ago
5 2
Bae Bae 2.0 Bae Bae 2.0
Why my dad left 7 years ago. 🚬
Why you ask? Well it's simple really. He went to the cigarette store to get a pack of cigarettes and got stuck in traffic. He'll be back soon. Anyway, DC Comics is literally garbage. There is no marvel discussion, like wtf? In a dc server. Back in the day my dad owned a server called 'DC Only' in which he had a marvel channel. Legend. Here are some of the negative aspects of the server: Majority of discussions are centred around Batman which is pretty sad considering that it's a fricking DC SERVER. DETECTIVE COMICS. Literally caught them talking about cosmic beings and else worlds once lmao. Batman stans ammirite. Still the worst part is their sense of humour. I don't get how people can be this sad. "Indeed", "Damn", "lol". Must be robots or smth smh. And members and mods alike enjoy having humorous conversations with one another and like to bond. So sad lmfao. Most of the time I just watch those idiots talk and emerge once every month out of my lonely existence to comment on their stupidity because I'm a virgin. Finally, they silence people. It's absolutely disgusting to see, if people having an argument THEY MUTE THEM AND LET THEM COOL OFF AND THEN DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM rather than letting them cause a ruckus in the main channels. Smh small brains. However there was one positive thing during my brief time in the server. I met an admin who actually attempted to keep the server alive and engaged in discussions with various members. He went by the name: Frosty_The_Virgin_Cuck_Gay_Man. In summary, would smash, 10/10. Join this server if you want to make friends and become apart of a supportive community. Lmfao. 🍆
263 days ago
8 5
MyNameisJeff MyNameisJeff
The mods are squares, hypocritical and boring. Marvel stans are present
This is one of the few active comic book servers so it is frustrating to see it go foul. The mods are boring and easily triggered. You will get in trouble if you correct them on objective things like their misconception on actual current events. You will get in trouble for no reason at all especially if their pet member is teased. They don't have a sense of humor and take dry and ironic humor as insults.
Discussion is almost none existent, the active members who are coincidentally mods only reply with their catchphrase "indeed" or "damn".
Marvel stans, this server has Marvel stans it's annoying. You'd think a DC server would be a space for DC fans to talk about their favorite heroes and poke a jab at Marvel. nope, expect the mods to cry and go apeshit on you. There is one member who is now a mod, who is so toxic he has contributed to many new members leaving after spending a few minutes in the server but somehow he is still in it.

Join this server if you are boring and square or a Marvel fan. This is not a good server, hell it isn't even fun. They also don't understand irony it's hilarious.
330 days ago