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This is a DC server that welcomes everyone. We discuss various DC related topics, as well as Marvel. And overall engage in friendly conversations. Role-playing is included.
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Dolame55 Dolame55
not very diverse readership
This server has a decent premise in focusing on discussion of a single publisher, however, the discussion here is often Batman oriented or at the very least focused on the mainstream superhero characters and team. There seems to be little interest in Vertigo discussion or discussion of DC published stories that are not superhero comics.
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Kerection_The_13th ◢ ◤🔪 Kerection_The_13th ◢ ◤🔪
Mad Lad 69
Truly an epic server. As the Owner of the server I might come off as a bit bias but still i'd recommend this server for everyone, regardless of how much you know about comics. Also yes, those negative reviews are from former raiders. Pretty mad. Join Epicly. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
spoilovr spoilovr
Love it!
I absolutely love being in this server! I didn't know much about DC or the comic world when I first joined, but the server's community really helped me learn new things and get me excited about reading comics! They have comic recommendations, information about specific characters...everything! Most of the community is respectful and friendly, and those who aren't are dealt with by a great team of moderators and administrators. Sometimes the server has some issues with specific people causing problems, but those people are few and far between thanks to the easy-to-follow rules and the staff. The low reviews on this server are all left by people who joined just to troll or cause chaos, and now after being removed for their inappropriate behavior are just trying to bring us down by leaving negative and unhelpful comments. Trust me, this server is worth joining.
❔WinterAce❔ ❔WinterAce❔
I love this server, I really do.
I'll be honest, I'm terrible at writing reviews, but here it is; When I first joined the server, I felt welcome and was able to express my opinions freely. And I've had many good memories in the server, not to mention they helped me through a lot too. Sure, it may not be perfection, but nothing's perfect and everything can be improved once in a while. I'd at least give it a shot, some people might like the community, other's not, but I'd say to check the community out!