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N.O.A.H's Crucible
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N.O.A.H's Crucible

N.O.A.H's Crucible
Navigation. Organic. Acquirement. Housing.

A huge, planetoid-level vessel controlled by an ancient AI, N.O.A.H’s purpose is unknown. It travels between solar systems within the galaxy, offering a wondrous, eden-like environment to live, learn, and love.

An ever expanding ship, the community of N.O.A.H. is comprised of races from across the universe. Ranging from humans, elves, orcs, the terrifying, carnivorous ghouls, to even succubi, the organic inhabitants of the Crucible are as diverse and vast as the galaxy it self. The sentient, synthetic race native to N.O.A.H., known as the Keepers, keep the internals of the ship maintained, and provide basic safety, infrastructure, and help to those organics that live aboard the Crucible. Communities have flourished and persist in the great ship, and new people pour in everyday.

The assurance of a good life, possibility, as well as the opportunity to see the universe leads many people to move their families to N.O.A.H. and become a part of its mysterious journey through space. 10,000s of people reside abroad the Crucible, and as the population rises, N.O.A.H. adapts to the population’s needs.

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Ratings & Reviews

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Torturellini Torturellini
NOAH's Crucible
The server itself is 10/10 with various channels to RP in. The staff are amazing and the community is very well-versed. It is truly a decent server to roleplay on.
3 2
Smiles Smiles
Pretty cool.
Compared to the numerous roleplay servers I have taken part in; this one is most definitely the best. From fleshed out characters with in-depth relationships to some simple ERP it can fulfill any role play related desires you may have. There is a community of over a hundred people that come from all around the world. They are for the most part a friendly bunch who would be more than happy to get you settled it. There’s a channel located within the Acheron with the specific purpose to help users reach the best of their abilities. All in all, if you’re looking for a diverse and accepting server who won’t nitpick your writing for minuscule mistakes than I believe this one is for you.