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Zoot Central (18+)
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Zoot Central (18+)

Zoot Central
- Chat, get high, and make new friends
- Show off your bud/weed/gangja pens/battery, edibles/cooks, etc.
- Numerous bots, games, and music channels
- Talk with all levels of zoot
- Chat to rank up
- Partner with us!

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Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews
Misdemeanor Misdemeanor
My favorite Discord server.
Amazing community, Love everything about it. Owner is very serious about suggestions and loves his own community. That is what you want from any community and Zoot Central did exactly that. Keep up the good work I really hope in the future Zoot Central becomes something huge. Goodluck :)
Godfather Godfather
Server Rating
Rating 1 - 9/11 [Osama Bin Laden]
Just kidding.
But good server, chill people (especially me) And you have something to do when your stoned as fuck.

Definilty 10 out of a 10!
4 2
RunAsAdministrator RunAsAdministrator
Small(er) server(For now). Great Staff. Great Members
Like getting Zooted? Then you've come to the right server.
-The staff is dedicated to creating the best Discord server for smokers/tokers/and jokers.
-Fine tuned plugins
-Bud Bots
-Grow, show, smoke your weed here.
-Everyone's super chill, and you can probably guess why.
-Must-have server if you smoke weed.
-Smaller server population means that activity can be low at times, that just means you should bring your friends.
3 1
aidez moi aidez moi
Good stuff
Chill staff and users, tons of stuff to do.

I'd recommend this server to anyone looking to chill out and make friends.