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Hope to see you come visit the family pack that is the F.A.C, or "Furry Art Club" if you prefer. We are a small-ish community server dedicated to the furry fandom and art with some extra focus on having an open and warm community spirit!
We have a very welcoming staff team from around the world and 300+ members. We strive our hardest to provide as good of a small server experience as is possible. To achieve this we are dedicated and open-eared to our community and their wishes.
Below are some highlights of what we have available here at the F.A.C!
- We have a number of dedicated discussion channels dedicated to various topics such as pop culture, politics, cute stuffs and more!
- A good all-round general chat operating at a solid tempo, neither too quick or too slow.
- NSFW channels for you lewd boyos owo.
- Arts of all sorts, ranging from music to drawing and all the way to game development!

(please remember to @ the welcome role so you can get verified and given the appropriate roles)

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Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews
Waxi-Chan Waxi-Chan
Fuckn gay and I love it
Enough of everything to satisfy everybody. (Including you normies and non furry).
Puffer Puffer
mhm oh yeah
tbh I find myself scrolling through this server everyday, it's very enjoyable weither you're looking at shitposts or talking with the server members
Kahn Kahn
Gamer friendly server
I'm not gay or a furry but this server is very kind to all oppressed peoples, gamers included.
2 5
V 0 1 D V 0 1 D
Insanely racist server
Most insane server I've ever dropped into, look at this shit
Ghost Ghost
Admin response
why are you posting a screenshot of out of context posts? also that angry dog guy was banned a month ago for his homophobic and transphobic rehtoric. stuff like that is not tolerated here in fac