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Chakra Reserves
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Chakra Reserves

Chakra Reserves is an Naruto-Based OC-Only Role-Play that is organized around giving people who put work into their role plays and those who act mature privileges such as custom clans, certain kekkei genkai, etc. We hope you'll give us a try!

We Offer:

>Rewards for Literate and Mature Role Players

>Custom Clans, Jutsu, etc.

>A remade plot, with a new outlook to the Shinobi World!

>Non-Stat Based!

>We do have a power-scale but it's not used for the most part!

>Small, Open Community and a Cool Owner c;

>Negotiations on things they may not be approved, so we can edit them to see how we can make it acceptable!

>Everyone starting up, so you won't be left behind!

Hope you join and Enjoy Yourself!
Zêdetir The Holy Flame Crusader Bumped 120 days ago

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