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Hi there,ty for checking this server
This server is about a fan-made roleplay about the warrior cats series
but there are some community stuffs such as a category where you can talk about books or if you don't want to roleplay there's a role for the people who don't rp

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Nightpool Nightpool
Warrior cats review
This server is absolutely beautiful. Lots of helpful and friendly people.
Maybe a few little arguments but totally great otherwise.
And now I feel like I need to vent about everything so here I go.

Ok, I'd like to thank Fangs for making this server, because at first I was struggling, had so many stormy moods, and I was dark.
And then someone invited me here (I knew them as Tanti Angelica but they've probably renamed themselves now).
And I was really cold to everyone at the start as I always am, but then the people I saw were really nice and helpful! The staff were respectful and I started to warm up.
First person I roleplayed with there; Frostfur, Shadowclaw, Pinefrost and Redpaw/talon. Super cool.
True I was kicked once from the server, and when I got back people backed me up on beliefs that my warnings were unfair and (shh, honestly I thought they were) but there's good in everyone and I suppose I was better this time.
I continue to roleplay in this server today. And this server made me happy.
Dad Dad
Short Review by a Mod/Staff.
Hey, i'm a Staff here on WC: TUS.
I enjoy the server, and the characters I've built. Though, we'll still need major changes to make the server more enjoyable, and member-friendly.
Me and Fangs are working together to improve the server, but for now, the non-roleplay chats aren't that great. The rules aren't as enforced as they should be, and the members usually have complains about bad staff.

Again, me and Fangs plan on making the server more user-friendly!
Panther Panther
Great server!
*The channels are very organised.
*The staff members are nice most of the time, be sure not to break any rules tho! The team is very close, to fellow staff, but also members.
*Every month, the staff members have a meeting where they discuss problems in the server, this is how it keeps developing and the biggest problems are being solved.
*I see people making friends very often in this server.
Vinesauce64 Vinesauce64
Beware - Owner with Lack of Care, Abused Staff, Abusive Staff, and More...
I apologize for this being a long review, but I have went on in silence much too long about this server.
PS - Some of the screens provided as evidence may in fact have cursing.

Hello, I am currently writing this review on a spare account, as I have long since left this server, and for many reasons.

Let me just start off with this review by saying this: The server isn't what's bad, you can meet some nice people here, the biggest problem is the owner, and her lack of care for her own staff.

-- My experience with TuS --- The first signs of abusive staff --

About 2 months ago, maybe a little less, I had been on this very server, and in the beginning it was absolutely fun. I had no complaints at first, you get to make your own characters, have them join a clan, but good luck with fitting in at first, because sometimes people avoid you if you're new due to other plots going on, but this was normal, I didn't expect this server to be any different than any other one.

But then things got bad, especially with certain staff members. You will read later that not ALL the staff agrees with the owner, nor do they agree with other staff. Considering a few of the staff are now my friends says a lot. There was one day, where in the Dark Forest channel, a loner came in, and because someone with high popularity among the server decided to start RP'ing there, they decided to call them out for it. Unfortunately for this person, whom had been doing this for months before and never had an issue, the person who called them out was best friends with a staff member known as "Leafstar," whom started off simply explaining why it was wrong for them to be there.

Things took a turn when everyone was asking this specific person to go to the #outsiders-offtopic area. When they went there, they pinged Leafstar asking if they were staff. At this point, I noticed notifications coming up rapidly from the staff member, with them saying things like "I am!" "So you better chill out or you'll get a warning!" "I have my status currently offline, but I am Staff!" "You want proof that I'm Staff then here's a dang warning for your attitude!"

Finally I went on the channel, and I suggested they simply calm down, if you would scroll up on the Dark forest channel, you would see that I was trying to get everyone to stop arguing there, too. Well, this staff member took great offense to this, and accused me of bossing them and pushing them around, simply for suggesting they calm down instead of trying to provoke someone.

Screenshot proof - https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/462172170634788865/462350905250021386/unknown.png

That is all I said to Leafstar, and if you look in the DF chat I legit said nothing mean or even tried fighting, you can't tell me you think I'm bossing you around when all I did was suggest to be calm.
After this, things got worse, Leafstar started raging at everyone, mostly me and that loner person. Even Ashpaw was trying to ask Leafstar to calm down, she was in the original debate in the DF too. But Leafstar completely ignores that, I have screens of me trying to speak and talk sense into them. It's hard to even defend yourself to staff members who could care less about you.

Screenshot Proof - https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/462172170634788865/462352350472962048/unknown.png

After this point I basically got fed up of being treated like ass from Leafstar, I wasn't going to sit there and let them act like I did something wrong when I never did. So I said "You mean throw a hissy fit," which is what I guess made Leafstar decide to always hate me after that. I got a warning for being disrespectful to staff, Emberpool said people need to stop trying to get into mods business even though I wasn't, asking someone to calm down isn't getting in their business when its a public server and you can see the notifications of them raging at someone for no reason in the corner of the screen.

At one point someone was deleting a bunch of messages, every time I tried to defend myself or said anything for that matter, deleted. I was forced to basically sit there and let Leafstar control everyone, as well as Emberpool, another staff member (We'll talk more about her later.)

At this point PT got involved, whom I later learned from the actual owner that they were an ex-staff member.

PT was constantly getting involved in the argument, trying to edge people on, mostly me. I would try to leave the conversation but they would try to start fights with me again by acting like I was some bad person and that they were glad I was going. I wasn't going to sit there and take it from them either. EP was asking them not to get involved but they wouldn't listen, figures no one would dare warn/mute someone who is against someone they dislike though.

After a while of arguing, I just gave up. I left the server all together, I was done trying to defend myself because it wasn't going anywhere. Stormpaw (A friend of mine from the server,) tried asking about me I guess and why I left, only to apologize because they were worried about me.

Leafstar told them "No need to apologize for their attitude," at this point Leafstar had actually added me and was explaining how staff has been uptight lately because people don't listen I guess? They said it wasn't directed at me with the whole "Don't boss me around stuff," (Which is absolute crap if you look at the screenshots,) and apparently what set them off was my first smart comment about them throwing a hissy fit instead of talking (Okay at that point I kind of got irritated because its true, Leafstar was throwing one because people were asking them to calm down instead of trying to start fights.)

Of course I try to reply and explain myself but I never to this day got a reply back. It only matters what they think, Delvin (An old friend,) was showing me screens of her asking about me coming back. They said as long as I kept quiet about it I wouldn't get in trouble again. Okay. Fine.

--My conversation with the owner after this event. (Owner cares less) --

After everything happened, I spoke to Froststar themselves, the owner of the server, and if you know Froststar you know all they ever do is reply in jokes or OWO (A text face emotion). They did at one point mention that they got mad only because they probably wouldn't have been told about that unless I said something.

***They even said I did nothing wrong when I asked Leafstar to calm down.***

Screenshot proof of me talking to the owner and getting their okay -

That. That right there is what was defending me from all that was much too soon to come. Emberpool could have gave me a warning like any normal staff member should, I could have explained that it was an accident when I sent her an invite, and then show her that. But nope. They just do what they want because "We're staff and we are the only things that matter." (This has to do with what happened recently, I will get more on that later.)

More screenshots proving the owner could care less about anything by giving jokes and not taking action -




Nothing but jokes, when all I was asking for was for her to show discipline to her staff.

--Abused staff--

I was being honest with Frost last night, I didn't say any names, but Simul and Scorch both agree with me, including Frostfur whom actually defended me in staff chat, only to ultimately get shunned and called an idiot for explaining that what happened was wrong. These 3 are all staff members, or at least were before I left, I know for a fact that Simul is still one of those staff members still, they have an umbreon as an icon.

I told them what happened, not in this depth but even they agreed that it should have been handled much differently. Simul said they would try to talk to Frost to make sure it didn't happen again to anyone else. Scorch told me another side of things, I guess from what they said, they often get over spoken by staff who are incredibly rude or strict, who don't let them say anything half the time.

I guess they have been wanting to leave for quite a while, because Frost has been not caring as much from what they said, they even said it would be a breathe of fresh air to join a new server. (Note: I didn't invite anyone except for like 2 people, more on that later.)


https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/462172170634788865/462357261386383370/unknown.png Full screen provided by staff member to me. Seems as though the owner cannot take their job seriously.

(The screen they showed was from the OWNER, they were freaking out because they actually had to discipline their staff, as if actually giving them discipline would end the world. More on this soon.)

More proof that staff is being abused and neglected there-





http://prntscr.com/k67ipk (This is where Frost didn't listen to Frostfur's criticism and instead made the problem worse by making Leafstar co-owner.

http://prntscr.com/k67j5d (During the argument between Frostfur and Leafstar+Emberpool, Simul states she is too afraid to talk because she would be punished for stating her opinion, and that they are too afraid to improve.

http://prntscr.com/k67lpo (Simul explaining that she got ignored)

--Abusive staff part 2 --

A lot of these screens tie into what happened very recently, the main reason I am making this review/report if I do. My old friend and I decided to make our own server on the down low while we were on the other. Unfortunately, when I was sending out invites because we needed more members, I accidentally sent one to Emberpool, but as I was going to delete the invite link, it was grayed out.

So I left it, I was thinking that I would at least get a warning? But no. I found out that night that I had been kicked from the server. So naturally, I went to Simul and Scorch asking what happened. So guess why I was kicked? Because I was DM advertizing, without even hearing me out, I would have understood that I guess, but the next part is where I realized nothing was going to change in this server.

Unfortunately, I don't have many screens with my DM's as far as Froststar goes at this point, because I guess after they un-added me towards the end, they deleted their messages. However, here is what I sent to Frostfur, if you squint, you can read what was said. (See the screens below.)

https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/462172170634788865/462357048043241472/unknown.png?width=1243&height=676 (Proof of them literally deleting everything, though I did screen some of it. and sent it to Frostfur who immediately defended me and got shunned for it.)

https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/462172170634788865/462357773628473354/unknown.png (Owner acting like disciplining staff is the end of the world part 1) If you look really closely at the screenshot where I said "Like I said no one even questions you they just kick," you can see EP said something like "Yeah speaking that they've already caused some problems with other staff members"

What makes me so angry with Froststar (Lil Fangs) is that she GAVE ME THE OKAY! She said I did NOTHING wrong that day as far as asking a staff member to calm down, and excused it with "She was raging." All Emberpool had to do was ASK the owner first, ask her if it was okay to kick me, or at the very least inform her? But no, they do none of that, and they get away with it, too. Seeming as from Frostfurs conversation, they simply ignored her, this was after all of that.

Final proof that the owner cannot take disciplining seriously, she even shows the screen Scorch sent me of her saying that she was going to 'ruin everything' by disciplining them.


But yes, after this I just left, I wanted to make this because it is just amazing that so many things happen behind a server that you wouldn't think when you first join it. It looks nice on the outside, but behind everything, there is nothing but lack of care from the owner, abusive/abused staff, and abused members, too.

Thanks for reading all of this, I hope that this sheds some light on what is truly going on behind this server, and their owner/staff members Froststar and Leafstar.

Emberpool on the server now - 🐾Dusk🍁E.P🔥C.W🔥R.S🔥T.K

Froststar on the server now - ❄FrostStar🐾Weedblaze🔥Runningpaw
Lil Fangs

Leafstar on the server now - 🌄LeafStar🔥Flurry.S🌄S.K🐾Hawk🌄W.H

--Abused staff (So far?) Please give these guys some love.--

Simul on the server now - 🍁Night.H🍁Lotus.K🌄Sep❄H.H🌄B.f

Frostfur on the server now - 🍁Frostfur❄Claykit🍁Dusktail🍁G.
Emo the Danke

Scorchstar on the server now - 🔥ScorchStar🍁O.W.🌄A.F.❄C.H.🔥S.H.

(Note - I am not including their numbers, but you can find them in the server.)