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The Land of Memes
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The Land of Memes

✯ We're a meme server
✯ Anyone is invited to join, we're hoping that one you join you don't cause trouble and try interacting with other people :)
✯ We have 30 Nitro emotes
✯ We're also accepting partnerships, check #partnership-requirements if you wanna partner
✯ Please read rules and obey them, and don't disrespect staff. (Why do you say this? Because mainly ppl come in and start causing trouble)
✯ ~ I hope you enjoy your stay!! :3~✯
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews
Neptune Neptune
Stupid fat boys niggardly clutz.
Got muted because I told them Roblox is better than Minecraft, people started raging, blamed me for starting a flame war, got perma muted from vc and all text channels. Called admin a n****. Got perma banned.
10/10 would piss 500 users off again.
KohdMonster KohdMonster
Joeeee Joeeee
Best memes
Love the server, amazing memes and an overall amazing server, nothing to hate about it at all.
👑 King ⁺˚•̩̩͙✩ Futurama 👑 King ⁺˚•̩̩͙✩ Futurama
good server
extremely good server for memes

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