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Canadian Hangout
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Canadian Hangout

Canadian Hangout
Owner: Canadian Supreme
Canadian Hangout is a Canadian run, majority Canadian server for people to meet new friends and chat! We are an ever growing community, so don't feel shy to stop by and say hi!

-->Tons of bots to play around with!

-->Meet new people!

-->Learn about Canada!

-->Discuss things such as star wars, halo, anime, star trek, etc.!

-->Custom roles!

-->Friendly staff!

-->An actually active owner!
Alexander🐱 Bumped 8 hours ago

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Danet Danet
Excellent Server
If you're looking for a friendly server with laid back and cool staff, deffo a server to join. The people are sweet as honey!
Canadians, Canadians to be- or simply folks that like Canada will surely find a place in this group :D
4 4
Basto Basto
Literally are fascists
I pointed out that the rules aren't enforced on the admins friends while everyone else who the admin hate get kicked for saying '' Hi'' and that some rules contradict themselves ( Don't be SJW, everyone is free to have their opinion ) and would make the server dull, so I got banned. Perm.

Also 99% made of Ontarians. Should be renamed '' Ontarian Hangout ''.
Canada ball Canada ball
Admin response
I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your stay on Canadian Hangout. Could you possibly tell me which mods were abusing their positions so I may have a word with them?

-Canadian Supreme.