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Lesbian Discourse
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Lesbian Discourse

Welcome to Lesbian Discourse! We are inclusive of all female identifying people who love women!

🔥 Music bots
⚔️ Lots of active chatting
💋 Nsfw channels (+18)
👑 Self Assignable roles
🧾 VC member verification
💗 All the girl on girl discourse

We look forward to meeting you!
~ LD staff

agxnt Bumped 9 hours ago

Ratings & Reviews

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xgt xgt
amazing staff and people
This place is extremely great! I have great conversations with almost everyone here because everyone is just so friendly and cheerful all the time, it truly is a very accepting community that really does care about each and every member present.

Truly a great server!
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Mirage Mirage
Ruh Roh
Server is a massive cesspool of drama and witchhunts - being a lesbian is being the odd woman out, would rate 0/10 tiddies if I could.
Shiro- Shiro-
Lesbian Server
Oh hey, I am that person who does the computer science stuff over here!
Well we have spicy memes-

agxnt agxnt
best les server to exist
its truly amazing how welcoming this server is, the staff and mod team are extremely active and friendly to everyone. ive made a lot of friends in this server due to the fact that everyone just easily gets along with each other

this server is pretty much the best les server there is