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Lesbian Discourse
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Lesbian Discourse

Welcome to Lesbian Discourse! We are inclusive of all female identifying people who love women!

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⚔️ Lots of active chatting
💋 Nsfw channels (+18)
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💗 All the girl on girl discourse

We look forward to meeting you!
~ LD staff

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lexichan lexichan
Cant tell you how long I been looking for a diverse and active wlw server to hang out in. The adult channels are spicy and the lounge is always poppin' 24/7.
9 5
Isabella🌺 Isabella🌺
Care Free and Relaxing
I feel at ease being able to talk in this server about anything. Everyone is super supportive and kind. The staff are friendly and hilarious.The average age group is 20+ though. But I see that as a good thing!
9 5
zeph zeph
Very positive!
I enjoy the lively nature of the conversations and the topics too! I love how theres different channels for food anime artwork and more ; really makes me feel at home because theres just a lot to talk about and a lot of t hings to connect with people on. highly recommend and it really isnt like other lgbt servers
7 12
Evil's Hours Evil's Hours
Quite Possibly The Most Toxic Server I've Ever Seen
1. The staff are are transphobic as FUCK asking trans women their progress of their transition when being interviewed.
2. The STAFF make alt accounts just to leave bad reviews on servers they don't agree with! They also raid servers! And said that they would flirt with minors just to fuck with them!
4. Anyone can pretty much say and do what they want and that's pretty problematic on it's own.
5. The staff will twist their own words around. Asked a server to up their Interview game by asking for LEGAL DOCUMENTS and then said "they asked me for my passport and driver's license!!!" Which wasn't true at all.
6. The staff make members of not only their server, but other servers uncomfortable! And when asked to stop, they say some pretty racist shit!
7. The staff encourage their members to also leave bad reviews on servers and raid servers!
8. The staff use their own alts to make positive reviews on this server
I have receipts of everything mentioned above. If you'd like them, dm me.
Please don't join this server if you care about your own well being.