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GTS Tea ☕
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GTS Tea ☕

☆☆☆☆ -----We Are GTS!-----☆☆☆☆

---We are a server for chatting and making new friends,If you're into Kpop then this server is perfect for you! GTS is a fake kpop group thats rp based + we have some bias roles for the GTS members (I understand if you think we're a bootleg), even if you're not into kpop you can still join as long as you respect others---

-~A server for all ages (there is some swearing)

-~A kpop, anime and gaming server

-~Friendly mods and members


-~Music Bots


-~Leveling system and roles

-~Roles to tell us about yourself

-~Kpop roles

-~Feel free to share your wattpad/fanfics if you have any

-~Owners: Shad, Sakura, Thai, and Pink

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