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A great group of people, Help us reach 1,000 members.
[Server features]
* Music.
* Global emote server list.
* Role & colour react.
PinkJbm Bumped 76 days ago

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Glory To Lord Pink
Just join...
We await your arrival

P.S: server's just great best server I've ever been in so far.
Mineformatiker Mineformatiker
Amazing server to chill out!
I'm part of the PinkJbm Discord for multiple weeks now and I can highly recommend this server for every user who likes gaming, memes or just wants to chill out. The server has members of all timezones, but if you join the server you'ld help the 24/7 activity. And if you want to know something about the bots. The Casino bot, boxkbot and a bot coded for only that server are just a few of the 8 bots existing. So all in all it's just a nice server to be on. See you ther!

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