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A safe space for *LEFT WING* (that doesn't mean liberal or centrist) questioning, trans and gender non-conforming individuals. Chat in a variety of channels ranging from gaming to medical discussion, or just ramble about how much you hate Nazis to a community of like-minded leftists.

Cis people may only join if they have someone in the server to vouch for them.

Truscum aren't welcome. You don't need dysphoria to be trans.
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Kayla xd Kayla xd
Very friendly people, really helpful. Dont be afraid at first, they accept people who are unsure too :DDDD
Answer the questions and youre good ^^

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wasteland baby wasteland baby
pls help
i do not have permission to send messages in the verification channel so i can be verified
Hayley Hayley
Admin response
That'd be the fault of mee6 bot, not us.