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Welcome to Thiccness, everyone has their own impressions of the server, partially due to the fact that we are one of the weirdest, and likely the funniest server you will ever join. There are spouts of dramas, but they always recede after a short time. The server owner is crazy obsessed with astrology; the staff members are always chill. Overall, this server has some interesting humor. There is an arcade category filled with fun commands we have, including, but not limited to: you can get married, play cards against humanity, kahoot, various bots mini-games, etc. Many people who join here spend all of their free time here and the chats are always filled with humor that God would never approve of. Please feel free to join the server at your own risk, but be warned: if you join the server, you just might be sucked in. Be cautious. 15+ server! Younglings will get in trouble for joining!
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hydration hydration
super hot
everyone here is very hot
3 4
nathalie nathalie
This server is very chill, the whole community is friendly, everyone talks randomly and will greet you. The server is big for some eyes, but only a handful talk. Everyone is nice to each other and the staff is great with the people. I may be the owner, but the server is great, isn’t too loud and obnoxious like others.

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