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=Wizard101 Friends=
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=Wizard101 Friends=

Are you lonely and need to make some friends, well you have found the right server, we are a PG16 server with many wizards ready to make some new friends and start a new friendship journey together, we are a very active server ready to assist you with anything you would like, PvP, pet making, questing, and of course helping you create new friends.
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7 reviews
not.hHenry not.hHenry
Very Active and Friendly
This Wizard101 server is a well rounded server with active staff and wonderful new people to meet and play with.
Ernie Ernie
I joined this server as a virgin but after awhile I lost my virginity because of this server,,,,my wiz virginity. I became a new man, a man with dignity. So come join us because you might experience a change too ☺️P.S. Alia sends nudes to anyone
Winner0KID12 Winner0KID12
Very scary hot hot wiz thots
I joined this server and was not ready for the amount of ethots here. I'm now in a relationship with a wiz thot (warlord) from diego realm.
Abracadabrante Abracadabrante
Active with Consequences
I don't normally socialise, and my friends can vouch for me. However, when I saw this server, every single bone harden, every hair stood up and my eyes bulged open telling me, "Abracadabrante, get in there and shut this Down!" Ay de mí. Join at your own risk.