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Anxiety and depression server. Includes 500 Gudetama (melancholy egg yolk) emoji for Nitro users. Over 4,200 members.
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♣♦ BlackJackist ♦♣ ♣♦ BlackJackist ♦♣
For your safety, stay AWAY from this server.
I speak as a mentor/moderator of a chat for suicidal teens with three years of experience on a traditional website and as a Medical School student.

PLEASE, if are suicidal or want to be supported, find another server and stay AWAY from this one.

This place is dangerous, the users that should be supportive are abusive and narcissistics, bullyism in the support chat is not punished. And if you report the abuses, moderators ghost you, acting like if you have never messaged them.

I have all proves of what I am saying. DM me at BlackJackist#6088 and I will send you all the material with no problems.

P.S. The admins have also other servers, I suggest avoiding them too, since the corrupted people are the same. The name of these servers are: Melacholy Anxiety, Melancholy Depression, Melancholy Apathy, Melancholy Loneliness, Melancholy Silence.

Thank you for having read this.
WildCard WildCard
If you dont join you are missing out...
This server, on god, is the so amazing. What a lovely intriguing community full of gangsters, hipsters, weeabos , normies, Chads, Stacy's , Omega , Omegles, TBH a lovely diverse atmosphere, where anyone can feel at home.
Game-P0W3R Game-P0W3R
Nateanator42 Nateanator42
Great Community
There are a lot of great people in this server. The problem is that there are also a lot of not so great people too. The server is toxic from time to time, but when it is not, its great.

Why don't you review Melancholy?