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Floyds' Mansion

Floyds' Mansion

Come join our anarchy edating server!
Come for the egirls, stay for the homies

〇》 1:1 Male to Female ratio
〇》 12k Messages per day on average
〇》 Self assigned roles
〇》 Earn better roles by being active
〇》 Almost 0 rules
〇》 Almost 0 pings
〇》 Looking for Partner Managers
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Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews
supsitchsupersukergingging supsitchsupersukergingging
My main server
Its epic best server Its my main server I love but there a weirdos joininhg the server that are killing it and some people are just joining but there are weirdos be careful but it is fun I love and coundlt find any other server like this
365 days ago
1 1
Active, fun, and interesting Discord server, I love it!
The server is always moving and bustling with activity, lots of life to it! Mods are always online and keeping the chat free of spam or unwarranted negativity. The aesthetic of the discord servers colors and role names give off a lo-fi type of vibe, making me feel cozy at night just watching the chat go by. Tons of diverse members so you'll find someone you can connect and engage with, you'd be surprised! One of the best servers out there by a landslide. Didn't think I'd be very active in it when i first joined, but there's some special charm there that always pulls you back for more!

+1 To the owner for being an amazing story teller, on top of being quite handsome and a great guy overall.
365 days ago
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sara ¨̮ sara ¨̮
hands down best server
one of the best servers i’ve been in. i’ve made plenty of homies in here, mods are friendly, owner is friendly & on that grind 😤. besides a lil toxicity, this sever is truly the best.
King Floyds King Floyds
Admin response
bless up dude
365 days ago
2 1
Ty Has Airpods Ty Has Airpods
Best Hangout - Meeting Discord Server!
This server is just down right out standing here’s why.
-The people in the server always love to talk and greet new people that enter the server
-The staff team is very nice, and really fun to talk to
-The owner puts a lot of effort into the server to make it the best it can be, at all times!
-There is a lot of vc, text channels, roles and a lot of E-Girls
Overall best server to join! :))
King Floyds King Floyds
Admin response
Thank you for your review dude, much love <3
365 days ago