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Lost n Banned™
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Lost n Banned™

A family of creative people looking for more creators and outspoken individuals to join us. We have plenty of entertainment and inspiration. Server games, events, and ranks. Socialize and have fun. This server has an excellent owner and is looking currently for more voice-chatters.
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Anarchy Anarchy
Lost n' Banned
When I joined lost n' banned, I was expecting it to be the typical big server: A server owner that shuts themself away, a toxic community, horrible response time. -I WAS DEAD WRONG-

The staff response time was absolutely beautiful, I was into the server within 5 minutes, the community is very friendly, the server is very active, with events every so often too, and even a little roleplay bit on the side if you wish. They are always open to partnership, which I think is just an added bonus. Thank you very much to everybody here for making my experience truly wonderful.
GameDevil GameDevil
The Best Server
Friendly, fun, helps out when u need them its just 1 big fam
Joritsu Joritsu
The best community server I have yet seen
The community is super non-toxic and theres no trolls at all. Only gnomes!!! The server is well built with no visible ''mistakes'' a troll could exploit. It also offers a super wide varienty of people with all kinds of hobbies and etc. Honestly, its the most legit server I have seen.
Sleigh "Nikos" Beggy Sleigh "Nikos" Beggy
My experience as a loner
I was a loner before i got into the sever, im lost in life, bored and sorrow, i reach out and try to find a place where i belong. and honestly saying, i found my place