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Lost n Banned™
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Lost n Banned™

A family of creative people looking for more creators and outspoken individuals to join us. We have plenty of entertainment and inspiration. Server games, events, and ranks. Socialize and have fun. This server has an excellent owner and is looking currently for more voice-chatters.
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s t e l l a <3 нιѕ s t e l l a <3 нιѕ
Great serverrr
op server with really friendly and welcoming people.
Gray Yugeren Gray Yugeren
This server is great for people who need a place to go too chill and make friends.
I been here for a long while, music is great, the people here are more distinguished , there hopes and dreams more often or not i heart the stories of others who just want a place to relax chill...kinda like home, i feel like this discord has potential and its people...well.

Charisma can make people aspects of someone but the visions of a true visionary goes by the strength of his will, right now i see a lot, let it be physical or not i do know one thing.

I don't regret joining this lost and wild bunch so if you ever need a group who wants to help you out or just have someone to make you feel like you can be yourself, Give it a try.

See you all, Stay Golden.
Hell †® Hell †®
Issa cool server
DanskTorden DanskTorden
Good Server!
In my opinion, quite the community to chill with! Loads to see and do!