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🎺 Art Community Server! 🖌
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🎺 Art Community Server! 🖌

Heyo! This is the Art community server!
We offer a fun, and loving community, and cover most of the art spectrum!

We offer many things, such as:
-Reaction Roles
-Summerly Revamps based on the suggestions YOU give!
-Promotion of youtube channels
-Level roles
-And more!

You can come to show off your skills, and receive or give feedback whenever!

The sky has no limits when it comes to your art. I hope you join us, because we will all have some FUN!


We have revamped many things, hopefully if you have joined before, you could give this another go?
🦕 wig Bumped 223 days ago

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ClownsAteMyMommy ClownsAteMyMommy
Not sure how a server with 57 members is dead, but sure is dead. Nobody's talking at all. I'm sitting here going okay why is nobody talking. Then I look at the outline of the server and it is a mess. Nobody probably knows where to talk. Why they stay is beyond me
240 days ago
⚡ ² ¹ ⁴ ⚡ ⚡ ² ¹ ⁴ ⚡
Very friendly and cool place!
This server is full of friendly and chill people. There are a lot of categories and you can even choose your own interests! This server does not only bring art-related stuff into it, but you can also talk about books, share your photos, music youtube, and more. It really has a lot to bring and it's very neat. I 100% recommend this if you like to share your stuff, see other projects, give/receive feedback, etc. :)
369 days ago
chickenue chickenue
A fresh start.
When this server started out in 2017, it had been a tiny server for a small art community server that was meant for friends and mutuals. Paccy, the owner of the server, did not have many big plans and wasn't too organised. Somewhat of a "baby" server. Then, as we installed disboard bot, more people flooded in. It was overwhelming for the staff. We weren't organised, we didn't consider some things, and we started getting many complaints. People pointing out flaws. Complaints here and there.

But then, Paccuccino and Nebbeh revamped the WHOLE server. Taking ten whole hours to fix up the entire server. Organising it so that not all text channels would be revealed if said person was not interested with self-assignable roles. It's much cleaner and unified, with proper forms that must be filled out for Commissionable Artist forms. A few of the old moderators and admins were carefully selected to stay as staff members, while other members were demoted. This was quite helpful, as many administrators and moderators were inactive and not doing much to help the server (not pointing fingers). I too am guilty of being inactive at some point. But that's beside from the message I'm trying to convey here.
Previous problems have been looked at and fixed as best they can be. The server is much better because of it, and I'd love for people to come and see how much the server has improved and grown.

370 days ago
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Paladiknight Paladiknight
Not Great
There is not a lot to say about the server.
It does set out to do what it is trying to do oddly enough. It is in fact an art driven community. It however is clouded in a sea of problems.

First and foremost; the biggest problem is that the admin / mod team does in fact "seem" to be run by children. The general attitude and demeanor would just seem to imply that.

Secondly there is a nsfw chat which isn't innately a problem it's self but further investigation would reveal a decent amount of loli-con and cub related things. You know, part of why the discord team was under investigation by the FBI just recently?

Lastly it's a disorganized mess. There are far too many groups within the server, many of which are unnecessary. Several different text channels specifically for the purpose of different types of alerts rather than just one uniform is the best example to come to mind. I would have more, but I wasn't in there too awfully long as the reception was incredibly poor. I'm certain these are not bad people, but their server is in need of a change of staff, or some serious discussion followed by serious improvement.

Despite being consistently bumped back to the top of disboards it was mentioned somewhere beneath the title of the group that it was just a temporary title until the "17th" -if I remember correctly- of January this year. Which mind you is not a big deal but shows that they've shown little effort in improving there jumbled up mess before bringing it to the front of the page. With a lot of work, I'm sure it could very well belong there, but granted the experience, I don't believe I will make my way back anytime soon.
Amataru Amataru
Admin response
That is quite alright! Thank you for the feedback! I relied heavily on the disboard comments about the channels and categories. ESPECIALLY problems about the staff. Again, Thank you for voiceing your concern, and it has helped future members ^^.
505 days ago