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What's better then been able to post game content you love? Talented brains behind EXY have taken the hearts content and have wrapped into a social network for Gamers. At EXY.ZONE, we strive into building the next big think. If you have something to share, you can do so at an instant. EXY.ZONE is a social media website. Embed, upload and interact the way you want. It all starts here, with EXY. (BETA THIS WEEK)
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @exyapp
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3 reviews
Ripper ツ Ripper ツ
True Gaming experience
No words to describe how amazing it is hope it becomes more popular
Chrille332 Chrille332
Best gaming community platform is the best social platform that I have ever stumbled upon, they care about their users, they listen to them and they are amazing at what they are doing. They care about our opinions and always strive to make their platform much better. I would choose their platform over Twitter/Facebook any day of the week :D
Areeb Areeb
The next big thing.
I think it's important for me to take part in this review idea. I'm the Founder & CEO at EXY.ZONE. I believe that I have created an amazing community for people to share and engage. Most importantly, a social media website for Gamers? What else can you ask for.