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The Chill Non Toxic & Friendly BDSM Discord Community | Direct Messaging Rules | Social | ~5000 Members | Meet / Find Partners | Fast Sign Up | Education
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⛧ ☾ Shizomai ⛧ ☾ Shizomai
an NPCs view on this server.
I joined the server to find a community with a similar mindset like myself, and that's exactly what I found. People were really respectful and they have a variety of different channels. Unfortunately, these kind of servers attract a lot of trolls, but they usually get dealt with really fast. Staff is also very kind and help with any problems you might run into.
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e n o p a c e n o p a c
An Eno’s Perspective.
When I first joined I’ll be honest, I was a little apprehensive about it. Worried that I wouldn’t make friends with anyone, and that I’d fade away into the background. That was the opposite of what happened though, everyone was incredibly friendly and accepting. It’s a very welcoming place that I definitely recommend for people to join. You wont regret it 😌😌😌
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Naehna Naehna
Best Community
Lots of BDSM servers are just full of thirsty people just looking for a hookup, but here there are actually genuine people who you can make friends with. I've spent almost 10 months on this server and I have no idea what I'd be doing without it. Both VC and chat is very active and out of the active members there is a pretty even male to female ratio. Has a good amount of channels with a variety of topics, but not an overwhelming amount. Overall, if you are looking for a server where you can express your interests while also meeting a lot of good people, this is the place you should join.
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Ashegao Ashegao
Amazing Server
This is one of the rare times I've joined a server and felt so at home right away, everyone is so kind and silly and understanding. I've met a lot of cool people and I just enjoy it so much. Lots of welcoming and helpful people if you're interested in learning more about bdsm. There are a ton of gamers and creative people too. Lots of fun roles, active chats and voice chats. It's home!

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