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Zen University


Zen University is the most complex and immersive RP on discord!
Visit out blog; revel at how expansive both the world and PK system is!

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⬥ Slow paced plot events which heavily alter your characters / change the entire RPs location! Be a part of the story!
⬥ Active level-up and stats system!
⬥ 60+ abilities to pick from!
⬥ A large campus to explore (200+ channels)!
⬥ OC themes & an amazing soundtrack!
⬥ The epitome of character development!

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Fan OST @

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Dive in a large university full of interesting humans called espers. Everyone who joins can pick an esper power (PK) to specialize in. You can then chose to become either a student, staff member, professor, or even a cook!

This group is for advanced and literate roleplayers. The PK system originates from here.
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Ratings & Reviews

134 reviews
rartedboi rartedboi
i like it
the server is honestly probably the best rp server on discord. unmatched rp, great lore, awesome power system. idk what more needs to be said?
Laced Laced
Honestly amazing
Many RP communities are shoddy and horrid, this is not one of them. It's very structured and genuinely enjoyable.
Nineteen Seventy Six Nineteen Seventy Six
Great ass server.
Dude, this server let me be my dinosaur headed OC. Community is great and rp is in-depth. I couldn't ask for a better server.
keremal_ keremal_
Good RP Community
This server has quite arguably the best communities in any RP server I've been in, and I personally believe that this is one of the primary reasons that there's a serious feeling of, if you will, "togetherness" in actions that happen in the mainline portion of the RP.
There's planning tactics while in events, people who can help others in making their characters, the staff team is actually really interactive, the system never judges your character's actions outside of life-or-death situations... there's too much that I can list off that this server has. Speaking of which, there *are* life and death situations in the server, which makes for an extremely intuitive role-playing experience, and instead of running into danger blindly, you can plan out your course of actions. There's people who can help with any issues you need resolved, people who are able to talk to you on a daily, hell, even people who mess around at times. And the role-playing experience gets better than that. It might be an ascended high-school RP, sure, but it's the amount of experiences that any character can achieve that really makes this server shine.

Plus, I like my mom. qwq