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Zen University


Zen University is the most complex and immersive RP on discord!
Visit out blog or server and revel at how expansive both the world and our PK system is!

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⬥ Slow paced plot events which heavily alter your characters / change the entire RPs location! Be a part of the story!
⬥ Active level-up and stats system!
⬥ 60+ abilities to pick from!
⬥ A large campus to explore!
⬥ Submit OC themes to add to our public ZU playlist!
⬥ The epitome of character development!

Blog @
Fan OST @

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Dive in a large university full of interesting humans called espers. Everyone who joins can pick an esper power (PK) to specialize in. You can then chose to become either a student, staff member, professor, or even a cook!

This group is for advanced and literate roleplayers. The PK system originates from here.
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Ratings & Reviews

88 reviews
Sotheno Sotheno
Well built world and magic systen
I really like this serer due to its constant RP, and the fact that it has had hours upon hours of thought put into it. I also like how zen has a plotline and charatcer restrictions, especialy on the magic sysyem. Most servers i have been on haven't been very defined on the magic system and had people that had magic that shouldn't have been in the same world as the other. I also like how friendly the staff and community is in general as well.
Dabil Stalinium Dabil Stalinium
Server's lit
Overall, I do enjoy this server. It may seem inactive during school times, since majority is busy with school. Otherwise, I do like it, the staff are a lot of fun, not like a bunch of normies that raise their ego by being high. I really do suggest it.
Miguel II Miguel II
I love this server.
There are not enough words to describe how freaking awesome this server is. The community is a family, the roleplay is fun, the lore is in depth, there's nothing more I can say except you've got to check it out.
Jumbo my Loco Jumbo my Loco
A wonderful roleplay community.
Before I start my preview, I must make myself clear that this positive review wasn't because of the benefits I would gain. I must repeat for the last time, I do not rate it 5 stars because I would receive a hefty amount of exp.
Besides all that non existent issues, I would say this is a wonderful roleplay community. That's all.