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Welcome to Trixia, a fantasy country in the modern day. In the past, magic was abundant in the world and gave birth to all sorts of fantastic creatures and beasts, wizards and witches, and many more sentient races. Have fun exploring these lands and discovering all the new wonders hidden away, but watch out for things that were never meant to be found...
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Lancer Lancer
No, just no.
I now see what my friend meant with this server. owner is direspectful and doesnt care about roleplay even though its the sole purpose of the server.
Not to mention that this server is unoriginal. Fantasy and magic? yep i totally didnt see that concept a billion times. This server is obivously falling apart.
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Crow Crow
Best server I have seen in awhile.
I have been Role Playing here for over a month now, the staff is friendly and flexible, the community is great, bio making is lax but balanced and fair. Overall this is almost an ideal server for anyone looking to have a balanced sandbox RP. If you do not like sandbox then do not worry as stories pop up all the time, either made by others or events that you can invest yourself in. It would be great for more people to join and invest themselves in this great world, after all, Role Play is one big story created by everyone involved, so why not join up and add your part to the saga? Not like there is anything to lose. I enjoy this server and plan to be here for many months more, I just hope everyone else will enjoy it as much as I do.
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Myth Myth
I love it
Best role play server ever 10/10
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Akeshi Akeshi
The owner is so nice and fun, the admins are fair and friendly, and the lore is so interesting. In my personal opinion, i've met so many friends in that server, they're really nice, though they like to mess a little, but with no intention to harm anyone. Though some characters are maybe a little poor in information, some are very interesting. I really recommend this server in particular if you want to have a little fun with friends roleplaying. Have fun!

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