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Duck Squad

The Duck Squad is a close knit community with people of all types of passions. Spanning from gamers, artists, musicians, photographers and athletic people alike. Our community is the most welcoming and friendly server you will ever experience. We also have a unique team system that allows you to pick a team upon joining!
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HonorisCreed HonorisCreed
Duck Worshiping Cult
No, no.
Bumy Bumy
Good server !
Its a great server for people to join! I really enjoy my time there and its on of the best out there!!
1 1
Typo Gamer Typo Gamer
Great server!
I love the nice community!
They have great staff and I totally recommend to join this server because on my first day on duck squad I was amazed that that I was properly welcomed.
1 1
JuneTigerClaw JuneTigerClaw
Duck Squad Discord Server Review
I am staff on this server and I am nice to other members / other staff. I love this server so much because it has giveaways, events, etc. If you do join this server, expect to have a lot of fun! :D

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