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Emergent is a cozy discord server made for the purpose of the community, allowing others to get together, listen to music, play with discord bots, show off what they've done in their favorite games or what they've drawn, written or taken photos of, or just chat with friends! It's a free, fun for all server just made for fun, for talking, chilling, whatever.
What we offer:
• A multitude of fun bots, such as music, meme, and activity!
• A kind and fairly active community.
• Channels to show off your art, photography, and music.
• Friendly staff members, and fair rules.
• Partnership and staff applications.
• Chat to level up, and gain roles with cool perks as you do so!
• Many fun and unique games to play with the community of Emergent.
So why not join us, what do you have to lose!? We're waiting for you!
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Ratings & Reviews

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💀Ambermeow💀 💀Ambermeow💀
Super fun community!
The server is extremely positive, and people's views are listened to and respected. The owners have found the perfect balance of freedom of speech and peace. People are allowed to discuss, but not argue. It's absolutely perfect! Additionally, there are a bunch of fun games and contests designed to keep the community excited and active. Super fun server!
3 1
Luckiii Luckiii
It is unspeakably epic so I can’t say how good it is :) But still it is really good so I recommend people to join
3 1
Joker Main Joker Main
Emergents pretty cool
Great community, raid free, quick acting staff, fun contests and games, and it's always nice to find a server where the staff and owners engage in the community themselves.
4 1
Kodie Kodie
Ehm idk
It's a delight