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The Marvel Universe
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The Marvel Universe

We are the most active marvel server on discord! Our community is home to many enthusiastic members that share similar comic and movie interests. Our staff has a very polite attitude towards supporting and being friendly with members. We host movie nights, movie marathons, game nights, questionnaires, giveaways, art competitions and trivia tournaments! All marvel related. We wish to see you part of our growing community and feel free to check out some of our reviews!
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Ratings & Reviews

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Tech Tech
I like this one.
Server is nice....yeah...uh....I like it. Good mods, sad New got demoted, kinda cried a little...jk...right? Uh, yeah.
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Thinzy Thinzy
I miss new
server be sad and no vibing as many members have left and been banned, sad times sad times :C
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Slushie Slushie
Amazing community
I've been a member of this server for months now and it's the first server where I'm genuinely happy to talk to everyone online. Being a mod for this server is honestly the best experience I've had yet, the team is so friendly and the members are hilarious. Liv should be mod tho.
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RandomPerson543 RandomPerson543
This server is the best
This server has made so many good memories with all the game nights, movie nights, basically all the fun times. All of the people here are super nice. This is basically the best Marvel server to talk in.