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England UK Chat

**Under new ownership**
A general chat server for members of the UK. International members welcome. Regular events held with over 600 members!

We have plenty of channels for a variety of discussions, from gaming, cars, food, art, TV and more. There are bots such as tatsumaki and unbelievable for bot games.
Regular events are held such as the recent Halloween costume contest!
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Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews
jobsaguddin jobsaguddin
Shit Admins, Good People
People self explanatory, a good chat with good decent folk let down by abysmal ownership (namely Andrew)
Joedoesntcare Joedoesntcare
Not a bad server but certainly room for improvement.
The server has the potential to be a great server, however there are some staff members who let personal feelings override ‘proffesionalism’. There are a few too many channels and without going through and muting 95% of them it can become very cluttered very easily. There are some great users on the server that make it a nice place to visit, all in all it’s not awful but could definitely be improved.
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Mr Jackpots Mr Jackpots
A Great Place
England UK Chat has made me some amazing friends and given me some incredible memories. It is a diverse and close community, we stick by eachother and make sure it is kept a fun and positive place to be!
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Iron Bull Iron Bull
It's Ok
The server is not bad and most people are friendly (apart from the lurkers, who don't do much). There is only one problem i have with this server, and that is that they won't make me admin or King, i mean come man share the power or I'm starting this revaluation.
Other than that it all good man, all good