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Positive Nexus

Welcome to Positive Nexus! The only discord server with a positive approach and a united front!

Positive Nexus was founded to give the greatest support to the world and bringing people together to help one another and to make friends. But that's not all! It isn't? Yes, we also have an abundance of positive energy to share, and a dedication to rival no other!

We also offer the following:

❤️ Daily image Quotes ❤️
👋 Friendly dedicated staffs 👋
✍️ Organized text and voice channel(s) 🎙️
👹 Dedicated venting and support areas 🤗
🔒 Private vents with staff upon request! 🔓
🤖 Interactive and fun bots 🤖
😍 Our very own bot called Kota 😍
👦 Absolute SFW zone 👧
🤝 Partnership opportunities 🤝
🎉 Fun events and giveaways! 🎊
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Ratings & Reviews

15 reviews
Jamie Jamie
I'll just casually rewrite my review. So the server's general chat has become some what active at times from when I first joined. (Note that number of messages sent in general chat by users was in single digits when I first joined.) Oh and they seem to have updated how one agrees to the rule of the server. They've updated their advertising platform invite links. But the issue with number of inactive people still persist. About a quarter of users don't even have access to regular chat channel.
1 4
Liploridon Liploridon
Wonderful Community
I joined the server because I love helping others and bringing a better outlook on life to their mind. this server has brought such a positive atmosphere and understanding group of people together in a space where they can be themselves and talk through their problems and get better as they progress. I am so glad I made the decision to join.
4 1
Kerria (kristy) Kerria (kristy)
Friendliness All Around!
Edit: My original rating of the server was a five star. But I've been banned from the server along with several others in a recent incident. So let me point out something to you, most of the people who wrote five star reviews are either not in the server anymore or banned from it. I'm unaware of the current server situation so I've lowered my rating to a three star which is neutral.

Original: One of the few vent servers that have not been taken down due to toxic members and drama. The staffs and members there are really friendly and supportive. The chat is active, but may seem inactive depending on your timezone as most people are in one time zone. A great place to hangout and be yourself because no one judges you for anything. Met and made some wonderful new friends in this server. Would definitely recommend it to others.
2 4
Ella Piccolo Ella Piccolo
Active Friendly Community
Judgement free environment in which everyone gets to be themselves regardless of who they are and be accept for being themselves. Community is generally active depending on what time zone you are in. Friendly staff and members who are willing to help out one another. High security against raid, so raids have very minimal effect on actual members of the community. Giveaways happen at every milestone or celebratory holidays. Would definitely recommend this server if you are looking for a hangout place to meet new friends.