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Vent, Listen, Speak, UNITE

VLSU is a decent-sized server (~500+ members) where friendly staffs and members support one another and make new friends whose going through similar struggles. Group vents are visible after you agree to the rules and private vents rooms that are only accessible to staffs are provided upon request. We support the LGBTQ+ community as we recognize that everyone is different and shouldn’t feel pressured to act a certain way. We host regular competition events with prizes to be won and giveaways. We are hoping to start regular events such as music night, movie night, and game night soon. We also offer partnership opportunities with fairly minimal requirements and we are also looking for moderator staffs and event staffs. There are a number of interactive bots in the server including our very own bot named Hope and we are always open to feedback and suggestions. Keep in mind that server theme constantly changes to match the celebrations that comes up such as Halloween, Christmas, and New Year. However we don’t support NSFW content as there are members who are in their early teens in this server so apologies if that’s what you like. Kano is the owner here who’s really kind and understanding, and Lila pretty much the web manager so go to her if you have questions about set up. You will meet the rest of the staff team once you join the server as they all have an intro in staff-intro channel. Hope to see you here!
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Supportive Community
Active staffs, and non toxic environment.
The lurking cookie The lurking cookie
Thanks For Creating This Server
Many Thanks firstly to the owner for creating this server without this server i would not be here so thanks you hire many good and funny staff i hope you read this on the server we can just chat and vent our emotions openly i hope this server would continue to bloom i like to truly say thanks to the staff thank you truly for saving my life and save many others also to the people to the server hope we all can be happy lastly to the owner please talk more i think we would be happy to see you chat to us more on the chat remember to live and have fun more.I forgot to mention one more person and that lila she have pulled me out of it where at first i though death is the only way out but she proved me wrong so lila i would like to thank you for all your hard work and have a good 2019 ahead. (edited)

-your beloved cookie :3
Katey Katey
Great Community
This server offers a great community if you just want to talk to somebody. They will not judge you if you have a problem that you wish to discuss. You also don't have to discuss a problem you have you could just come there to make friends. (What i did) This discord server is a great place for all kinds of people and they do not judge you no matter what. I only been there a day and i can already call this discord server family.
Sultan Sultan
I love this server so much. The staff are polite and are always faithful of people who are in bad times. Please join them I recommend it:)