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Outback True Blues
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Outback True Blues

Awesome Aussie server with a great community

If you want to meet some aussies or find some fellow ones then we are the place for you!
Blue Bumped 3 hours ago

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Umbra Umbra
A friendly server
While not an Aussie myself, I sti felt at home in this small community. While it's collection.of members ISNT small, you get to know everyone. While it used to be inactive activity has picked up and everyone is as friendly as ever!
Zergil Zergil
Its aight
Its a good chill out server, but not much really happens, and its a little loose, despite being organized. Its pretty aight.
Another Neko Another Neko
I have no idea what this server is
I don't remember joining this server what the hell am I doing here? I do remember filling out a few serveys related to this server tho.
Jess_thesped Jess_thesped
The server is good don't get me wrong at all however sometimes things can get mixed like times of meetings and the usage for certain channels. Sometimes people don't follow the rules or do stuff to the server which then has to be fixed. Besides this OTB is a server filled with friendly people and people are always willing to help or give ideas on how to improve.