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Badger Gaming

We're an friendly community server containing some of the coolest stuff around!
In this server you'll meet a lot of different people! Ranging from gamers to roleplayers all the way to awesome server owners.
You will also see a lot of different channels! From entertainment all the way to nsfw even automatic patch notes for over 30 games!!
Here are some of the best things we provide!
Automatic patch notes and updates! Nsfw channel! Reaction based self roles! Weekly giveaways!
Hand made FAQ for additional help! Awesome non-toxic community! Frequent updates to the server!
Most recent update: I've completely re-done the roles and now you got about 7 new roles! And it's much cleaner now! The server is renamed the server to "MLS Community Server" and a new logo!
MasterLands Bumped 13 days ago

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Superbadger Superbadger
The server has a wide range of bots from music to economy. Self roles which allow you to customise your personality. Finally it accepts partnerships